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Anderson: University of Detroit Mercy star lights up Final Four

In sports column on April 5, 2013 at 6:50 pm
anderson By Leland Stein III
ATLANTA, Ga.University of Detroit Mercy coach Ray McCallum could not have gotten a better recruiting tool or positive PR even if his team had won a few games in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.
UDM senior Doug Anderson won the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest in Atlanta with an array of slams that likely would’ve made him the NBA dunk champion.
The 6-foot-6, 212-point forward from the University of Detroit showed why his nickname is “Dunking Doug” on Thursday night with several high-flying dunks, capping the contest with an amazing between-the-legs 360 slam.
I sat there in complete amazement. I have covered 18 NBA All-Star Weekends, and I’ve seen some great shows from Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Jason Richardson, Brent Berry, Blake Griffin and JR Rider, just to mention a few.
However sitting there witnessing Detroit’s own rock the ATL and Final Four was pleasurable.
The Final Four contest will be hard pressed to match the excitement that Anderson brought to Atlanta. He received perfect scores for all four of his dunks to win the title, and, he never missed an attempt.
Anderson had people glowing with accolades. Said Seth Davis: “That’s the best college dunker since Jason Richardson!”  
Twitter went crazy.
Jason McIntyre tweeted: “Doug Anderson (Detroit) just threw one down that would have won the NBA dunk contest. Seriously, that was incredible.”
Sports Center exclaimed: “Best dunk performance ever. WATCH: Doug Anderson. A BEAST!”
At an undisscriped McCamish Pavilion on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Anderson took the 25th annual event to an all-star level. The day and night of ESPN Sports Center was filled with Anderson’s highlight reel dunks.
Anderson has always been know as an impressive dunker who has received national attention for his ability to slam the ball, but his showing here in Atlanta has elevated his NBA Draft prospects.
Fan involvement was a serious part of the process as voting via Twitter served as the “Fifth Judge.” Fans voted on every dunk by simply tweeting #CollegeSlam. There was also four celebrity judges: Harry Douglas, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons; Julio Jones, Pro Bowler and wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons; Demaryius Thomas, former Georgia Tech standout and 2013 Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Denver Broncos; and Roddy White, four-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons.
Doug Anderson said it perfectly: “I just went out there and did the dunks I usually do in a game, when given the chance.”
However, he did acknowledge “that last dunk I have never done it, but I had to give the fans something special at the end.”
Indeed he did as the ATL crowd was left rocked in amazement!!!!!!!
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